Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Aging and it's consequences

Some days my body or mind aren't really in top shape. Medical visits to stay as fit as possible, long walks with DoggyDog is part of what I do for staying active physically and mentally. I still translate and write and read. And also I have a strong opinion of the President. I did not vote for him! And I don't really get why other people did. Maybe they think that in voting for him his wealth will trickle down to them. But I wouldn't expect that kind of generosity. I am however blessed with a great, very smart daughter. She also seems to have quite a dose of energy. She recently organised a three day conference: DDT: Design, Develop, Transform. The opening of the exhibition at the m hka was grandiose. A bunch of super smart and highly creative people participated: almost all of them working in the field of futures. Jim Dator from Hawaii was there, also several of his former students.

I didn't like the few bits about corporate culture in which the speaker demonstrated how to have one's heart beat in synchronicity with the other participants. That made me feel very uneasy, almost nauseous... I felt I didn't want to share my heart within such a setting. Although in more "normal", "human" situations I don't really mind to share and help. So being curious, taking care of myself, without being selfish is a good start. Yet I am more careful: when I feel somebody is trying to take too much advantage of me, then I don't let it slide.

More  tomorrow!

Thursday, June 1, 2017

10.000 people marching for peace and inclusion

Hakata, Uncya in her wheelchair, myself and a young man called Wim. I wore my Bernie for President T-shirt. A lot of people took pictures of it. Usually without my head.
It was a long day, but fruitful: with ten thousand people and no incidents it was a gift. I listened to people at the Dakota pipeline and how the drinking water is polluted by the work done. There was also a lot of music, dancing and many pink woolen hats... Also climate change is an issue and we need to keep an eye on the American President... who is just now saying on TV that they wouldn't do anything about climate change: Mr President: Climate change is real!!! More talking on the train home and when I got out of the train station a taxi arrived and brought me home. The strange thing is that I recognized the driver, he is a real philosopher. I told him that I had been in his cab before and remembered how he talked...