Thursday, November 1, 2007


I have become a painter, strictly monochromatic, using different textures and shades of white. I have become a closet painter and might soon venture into some blacks and radiators... So my time between work and trying to get a flat done has been sparse and blogging to my chagrin has been neglected. The move to the eagle's nest with the stunning view is for the end of November or beginning of December depending on the availability of an outside lifts to hoist up to the 12th floor the stuff that doesn't fit in a small old elevator. When I asked one of the workers to help with getting the doors ready to paint since 'I couldn't get off some of the stuff', he replied, "Yes, now see, you are a woman, there is some difference yet..."

1 comment:

  1. A tip to a white-obsessed white woman: You can obviate the need for an outside hoist for your king-sized water bed. If you empty it at ground level and gently fold it, it will fit in your dinky, cramped elevator, or can even be carried up the stairs. The water can be taken up the same way, pail by pail.
    You could even get some help using your wiles on a male worker, after all, 'there is some difference yet'.