Saturday, February 2, 2008

Tutu Pouane

Tutu Pouane was one of the star studded cast of the crazy, great show Goddamn! A tribute to Nina Simone. Yesterday night she was playing a nice theater at 11 minutes walk from where I live and she brought her program 'Song'. From her band the piano player and base was there, both great and as a special surprise we had Dré Pallemaerts on the drums, our big international Jazz star. You hear him in the link here with Robin Verheyen. Tutu Pouane's soft slow songs were deeply moving, her technical prowess in the the jazz vocalizations just wonderful. The night filled us with beauty and tenderness, gave energy and we had sparkles and tears in our eyes. I love Jazz because of the ritualized structure, which gives a framework for each to excel and be the best s/he can. With a nod or a beat they understand when to take over or join in to create transcendental beauty, power stemming from working together or tenderness from the answers to each other's calls. If only the music of life where like that...

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