Sunday, October 5, 2008

Anarchist tendencies

Green feminist non-violent pacifist with anarchist tendencies that is how I described myself on a ‘social network’ I flippantly filled out. Now a travel acquaintance wants to know what I mean. I think all decisions should be made at the lowest possible level and at the highest necessary level. Personal decisions about my life are mine, decisions about global warming and how to deal with it are local and global. You get the drift. All authority should be questioned and controlled: does a government respect civil liberties, do they fulfill the treaties signed or is it untrustworthy. If obeyed, the authority carried should be deserved. Respect has to be earned, is not a given coming with a job or function. In order to live together in a group or a society one should agree on the terms. If the terms have outlived the situation, a new negotiation about terms and conditions should be started. I am committed to non-violence, so we should talk, build confidence and trust, between individuals, groups and states. Diversity of knowledge, creativity, insight is seen as enriching and stimulating thought and exchange. Diversity=choice. Choice=freedom. With freedom we can responsibly choose to change. Change: yes we can!

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  1. What kinda talk is all this stuff? No violence! No torture! Respect. Responsibility. Diversity. What are you anyway, some kind of a...a...a... Human Being?