Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Walk to work

This morning in this water city I walked early to work and was carried by the stream of people and kids. In the flotsam I wondered whether to change my route, following the kids following the piper. But then I spied 'Occas' Livres' on my regular path: a secondhand bookshop. Closed at that time of day yet magnetic. I saw, thus will have to return to find it open: a nice edition of Les Feur du Mal by Baudelaire and a Boulgakov novel I haven't read. That is a translation, but since I don't read russian I don't care in what other language it is. Most russian authors I have read in italian. Then I saw swans in love, gliding on the river while behind me the trafic roared. They seemed so effortless and it was hard to keep up with them walking along the shore. There was rain, there was wind and also the breath of an old woman passing...

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