Wednesday, July 8, 2009

She went walking

The old lady just upped and left. In a blink of an eye. She went home, or so she thought when she got away. Through the brush and brambles, her legs bleeding from the sticks and stubs she went looking for what she left: her home of 35 plus years. Her man, barely younger than she, always kept her in his sight and still she wandered off out of an enclosed elegiac garden. He looked in the thickets, checked the bushes and brush. Phoned the police. Got in his car, went looking for her. Nowhere is the lady in her dress and and slippers to be seen. Then the call came: She was found wandering towards the busy main road. They took her to the hospital, cleaned her wounds, found out his name. Her's, she had forgotten. She was glad to see him, has no memory of her escapade. He was glad to see her: love reigns supreme.


  1. Poor woman. One of these days she's going to be able to successfully escape that man who's keeping her captive with those mind-altering drugs.

  2. You know what? Near retirement homes there is always a busstop, so the oldies can sit there all day, waiting for their bus home. They love it and so do the nurses who never have to think where they might find the escapees back.

  3. Well in a couple of years look for me in stations and airports, even harbors are an option...