Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Last Post in Doel

Doel is a small village in the harbor of Antwerp that has to be flattened so that some of the 100 largest Maersk ships can dock here. How many towns have to disappear for these ships? How many people's lives are uprooted and in turmoil. The same happened in Ruigoord, near Amsterdam. At least the town is still standing and it has been turned into an art enclave, where artists work, people visit but where it is forbidden to live. The Ruigoorders have opened an embassy in Doel as a token of support. As far as I am concerned lets close the nuclear plant in Doel and let the people live in Doel. The last post at the last action.


  1. Doel:meer dan 40 jaar schande. Een dorp dat men langzaam laat doodbloeden.

  2. Chloride is a small town in the middle of the Arizona desert that may be flattened so that some of the desert's largest lizards can lay their eggs there. How many towns have to disappear for these lizards? How many people's lives are disrupted and in turmoil? The same thing happened in Shoot-'Em-Up, near Cemetery Hill. But there, they caught the Lizards and strung-'em-up. That'll teach 'em. Then they dug up all the lizard eggs and had a big, old-fashioned Lizard-Egg fry, with Lizard bacon and ham-hocks.
    You might try having a Big-Ship-Sinking Party, to save the town. Or rebuild the town on floats, and put it in the harbor, and make the ships dock on land, where the town used to be. Or pass a law that everything coming in and out of town has to be shipped Fed-Ex air.
    The point is, DON'T GIVE UP! Use that fabled Belgiumian Stick-To-It-Iveness.