Thursday, January 27, 2011

The making of TIJ (Tide)

First of all Tij is the second chapter of Sounds of Harbour (Hafenklänge, Havenklanken), a poem written by six authors: Wilfried Bienek, Job Degenaar, Peter Holvoet Hanssen - the male voice on the sound track -, Roger Nupie, Annmarie Sauer- the female voice- and Fred Schywek. It was the latter who conceived the plan for the poem, wrote the story board on how to proceed the mixing of poetry and sound and got permission of the German composer Frank Niehusmann to use his electronic music 'Fragrance'. ( Well, they had worked together before).
A young Audio man Gorik De Smet did the cutting and the fine tuning.

Here you see how sound looks on screen while fiddling with fading in and out and tiny issues of timing.

You can download it here.