Thursday, March 24, 2011

Stop selling weapons

If they ask you what I think about war, tell them I am against all wars. Too simple? I am astonished at the women of my generation like Hillery Clinton, Rice and others who urge to go and intervene with full might and weaponry. I can understand the emotional, even passionate reaction, the compassion with the people of Libya. I have been in Rwanda 10 years after the genocide and have  seen the emptiness in the eyes of people there, I have seen the old machetes and know about the one million  people murdered in one hundred days. I have friends in Croatia who had a son in Vuckovar. Massive killings without intervention. Maybe these women feel guilty for the loss of life and the pain that was not prevented. Yet the hypocrisy of bombing the planes the west sold to dictators or tribal leaders. Fighting the Taliban armed by the US to resist the Russians are all acts that show that the west doesn't have the moral high ground. Talk, negotiate, use economic power, all possible peaceful means. And yes stop selling weapons now.

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