Friday, July 1, 2011

San Francisco Poetry

Shawn at the Paradiso studio
© sms:foto duisburg/rhein 2011
One of the reasons to come to San Francisco was to  record Susan Birkeland's poetry. Through Nicole Savage's website of San Francisco heart, and indeed a big heart and a fountain of information, some poetry friends of Susan gather at the Paradiso Studio and will record in their voice,  Susan's poetry.
The first to read was Bill Mercer  choosing three of Susan's poems. The next friend and poet was Ana Elsner reading one and afterward sharing about her friendship/sisterhood with Susan and their shared life experiences like having overcome cancer... Clara Hsu with her melodious reading of Flashlights of Innocence, was followed by Nicole Savage who brought this group together and reading 6 poems. Also Jerry read two poems.
After those voices and words are secured, devorah major read from tears in the mouth of the moon and Dark Love from where rivers meet ocean. A powerful display and moving performance. The studio is very professional: in three hours all the poetry that needed to be recorded was on cd's, all this under  the watchful eye of the organizer.

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  1. With this recording, Susan Birkeland will be a powerful presence at your Festival.