Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Ohio in Cairo on it's way to the Mississippi

Cairo, desolate, crumpling, abandoned, poor,  strange beauty... At the Fat Boy bar and grill  there were 3 $ margaritas and a few other drinks at a good price for the cinco di Mayo. The signs in town point to the mental health institute, the rehab, in house, half way house, in the hospital.
No hotel nor motels, not even outside of town were the Day's Inn had the door open,  one car parked and further total emptiness. The booze shops are busy and are extremely well stocked. The few official buildings are grand and well kept.
 The Ohio River runs clean and with majesty, is being fished, yet a restaurant was not to be found either.

 A strangely attractive atmosphere of decay contrasts with the few spruced up buildings and churches.

And yes another abandoned gas station... and as you will see  tomorrow bridges to cross from Illinois to Missouri, over the Ohio and the Mississippi. Daily life must be hard here, yet people have a good time, masking their hardship, surviving the grand history of their place.

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