Sunday, July 29, 2012

Walk in the park- The sculptures in Middelheim

 A visit  of the sculpture collection of the Middelheim Park in Antwerp is a joy for heart and soul. The collection holds older work by Meunier, Rodin, Moore, Zadkine and more.

 This is Orpheus by Zadkine and then there is the variation on a horse as Pegasus. The park itself is wonderful and the entrance is free. It is used to stroll, sunbathe, read and to look at the art.
 This sculpting shows that two parallel lines always are at the same distance, whatever form and shape they might be in.
It feels nice and warm, smooth almost loving when one caresses the sculpting.
 The light under the trees and the spacing of the sculptures is perfect, it adds to attraction of the sculptings, some of which inspire kids to play with them...

 Here the bridge by Wei Wei. Pretty, yet hard to walk on. Some artists have polished and planned to the smallest detail and others let drop iron or steal beams at random and that also has its charm.

Sometimes old statues are no longer part of the collection, or were standing somewhere in town, but serve no more

 It is also fun to give new names when one is a bit disillusioned by what is written on the nameplates. The discarded statue left here I feel inclined to call the end of patriotism...
 These two octogenarians sit like the King and Queen by Moore.
The prophet by Pablo Gargallo has been a long time favorite of mine. I could have posted  fifty more pictures, but the best thing to do is get up and go and visit for your self.

Don't forget to look at the different pavilions made by architects...

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