Friday, November 30, 2012

November salon 12b

A small but select group of poets participated in last nights salon 12b. From the former poet laureate of Antwerp, Peter Holvoet-Hanssen, to poet Rudy Witsy who with Tony Rombouts presented their latest book 'Duo', from  German poet, Fred Schywek to American busker, singer songwriter Ken Post performing with Ingeborg a surprising dialog between Anaïs Nin and Jack Kerouac. Beautiful anti war texts were read by Willem Persoon. A video by swoon was also much enjoyed. Poetry by Rose Vandewalle was read from a current translation project. Roger Nupie opened the night with some thought provoking poems. Great stuff all of it. The audience was attentive, enjoyed the cake by Rose, the cheese pie by Hakata and the goulash soup by Fred. Uncyia from the Leonard Peltier chapter brought some postcards to be signed for his release. Thus beauty and commitment went hand in hand during the whole evening.

(Kleine Nachtmusik)

The room
suddenly tilts and turns        
caches me
in its grabby arms
its hands ablaze with longing
arouse me
with each of its fiery tongues
envelops me transports me

the room
scorching breath
whirlpool and spiral
the room
oh it spins and stalls
soon in higher gear
drags me down in its fall
ends in a plunge
a prodigious shivering plunge

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