Thursday, June 13, 2013

Midnight fire

 Around the midnight hour suddenly the bell rings. I, lazily dismiss it. Then there is  the sound of sirens, which we hear often in this neighborhood where there are three hospitals. And it is obvious that they stop quite near. Two fire trucks, a lot of police, an armored money transport vehicle and neighbors, just as I, looking down from the balcony.
It is obvious that there is a fire in the bank. A burned smell raises up through the stairwell. Some people are on the phone, some feel that all is under control and go back in. I think about the evacuation route and just in case put on my shoes. But all is well. it looks as if a guard spend the night in front of the entrance of the bank. It is weird, suddenly to be a close spectator in a possibly dangerous situation. The smell of burning paper and what ever else was burning came in through the ventilation shaft. Well, the stability of what we feel is a stable situation in life has been demonstrated once again. Thanks to the fire brigade who kept all of us safe!

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