Saturday, July 13, 2013

Antwerp Jews II

Someone send a comment on  the old post with etchings of Antwerp Jews. And yes the assumption is right. It is one of four. And yes in January 1969 Tony and his family moved back from Antwerp to Los Angeles. I remember a name Jim Bradshaw. He might have been the gallery owner where the etching was bought. If ever the person who send the comment would like to see the other etchings, let me know. Some are like portraits. Tony was fascinated by the way they dressed, the curls, the hats, the long black coats and the little boys looking exactly the same as their grandfathers. He had live in the Lange Herentalse straat in Antwerp. That is near the City Park (Stadspark) and right in the Jewish section.  I now live at the edge of it and see the same images as on the etchings. The only color is when a little girl, dressed as precious princess walks along with her parents.

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