Saturday, September 21, 2013

PEN- the last day

After taking care of the last bit of administrative things like voting for a new member of the board it was Mohamed Sharief from Haiti who managed to get a PEN-Center working  in one year and distributed over 30.000 book for school as reading aids. I was impressed by his presentation few days earlier and his solid hard work. So I was truly glad he made it. After the closing ceremony we all went to the Nordic House where I listened to a discussion with Douglas Coupland about freedom of expression. The Nordic House is beautiful and a great example of Alto's style. Later we walked to a reception with the mayor of Reykjavik. He is funny and smart and he also want to prohibit military planes landing on the Reykjavik  airport. He works on long time peace issues and I would love to have him as a mayor in my own town, where his kind of progressiveness is hard to find.

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