Thursday, July 9, 2015

Weaving between two worlds...

Years ago I was asked about the Navajo Hopi land dispute. Since I had worked years before (I think in 1979) for free in a conference about returning the indigenous lands to the native people, I had very good documentation about several issues. It was a wonderful experience, and I thought it was high time to finally share the English text with you all. A few days ago fine combed the text, hopefully having left no mistakes or extra empty spaces behind.
Today's work was to get bibliography right. I am quite pleased with myself to have finished the job. Rereading  the long list with wonderful books a joy by itself. 

By the way I added a short list of some of my favorite Native American authors....

Alexie, Sherman, all his novels and poetry (He won the PEN-Faulkner award)
Bird, Gloria, prose and poetry
Boyne, Grace, poetry
Erdrich, Louise, her novels
Harjo, Joy her poetry and other work
Kingsolver, Barbara, her novels and High Tide in Tucson
Least Heat-Moon: Blue Highways and Prairy Erth
Marmon Silko, Leslie, Ceremony, her novels and poetry
Maurice, Kenny, his poetry
Momaday, Scott, everything
Moore, MariJo, her poetry
Rose, Wendy, her poetry: Lost Copper, Academic Squaw, Bone dance
Simon, J. Ortiz his poetry
Tapahonso, Lucy, her poetry
Tohe, Laura her poetry (No Parole today)
Welch, James, his novels
Of course my thoughts go out to Leonard Peltier, poet and political prisoner

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