Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Desert rain and a birthday

For two days we have been gifted with spectacular cloud bursts. Not big drops, not buckets of rain but sheets, the water almost feeling solid. The desert drinks it, forms runs, puddles, mud. of course the water flows to the lowest point, which luckily didn't flood. Otherwise the town could not be accessed anymore except on a dirt road. We are grateful for the rain, as are animals too. And then there was Nadine's birthday, a large group of friends gathered around a table in the Yesterday's ate together, talked, had fun. I had brought a small present which she liked. She must be the most respected and loved woman in town. Nadine is kind, generous, brave, realistic, warm, an excellent baker: if ever you have a chance try her lemon pie.
The main repairs to my place haven been done thanks to Banker Dave or if you want Giant Dave and Dan who has been a friend for years and who knows kind of everything about the civil war. They repaired and saved  the roof of the small bathroom at the back-house and repaired the garage. The tin had flopped over, had come loose in the welcome home storm just a few days after arriving home. Now everything seems to be consolidated and will be standing for an other few years... Or so I hope. The old gas station seems solid and dry. Yet the old pumps are slowly rusting yet still they are photogenic. Sorry my pictures aren't uploading to my computer...

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