Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Morning Coffee

A bunch of guys who have known each other for a long time gather for morning coffee. The talk and banter is lively and they speak freely with me as the only female sitting there and watching and listening. Doggy Dog isn't too intimidated by the larger dogs, so  that is good.
What I learn is how to survive in a small town. Some of the guys are well of. One flaunts his wealth throwing a thick money clip with a wad of dollars on the fake rock where we put our coffee mugs. Others keep silent. Yet in a small town everybody knows everybody's business. There is a bunch of taller dogs  who play and get sometimes a bit rowdy, then Doggy Dog runs for cover under my protection. This talk among them creates a bond. Some are more prone to act, others look out for their interests. One speaks about the woman working for him and boasts. Ron makes the morning coffee. I like talking with him He actually grew up in Chloride, knows its in's and out's, went tho first grade here in town. Now, no school, only the school bus. Ron is a kind of visionary but knows the limits of what is possible in this town. This is not a place for young children, there is only nature that is an inspiration.

So they arrive
Ron first
puts on the coffee
then one by one
they arrive
and bring their stories

After going there for a while
I know
that men speakdifferently
than women
The comradery can have an
edge with a smile
So turns the night to day
Water to coffee
Silence to talk.

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