Saturday, February 4, 2017

Politics in America

I am beyond astonished or flabbergasted by the political events in my country, the USA. I am an American abroad and that is not easy right now. I have incredulously been watching what Trump causes, his blustering approach and his narcissistic personality. His not thought through actions do not give me a safe feeling. Mr Trump: greatness is earned, not bought by money nor by power. He has been rude with other leaders, even in a case where he needs the help of that country in order to find a place for the many refugees. October, November last year I was in Chloride, Arizona and was astonished by the strange change that came over the country like a dark and foreboding cloud! Now my worst fears have been confirmed. My country, our country dear fellow Americans, is being ruled by a narcissistic bully. Also by someone who changes his mind in a flash. Someone who insults, by his actions and his words. Someone who thinks briefly about a short term solution for a serious problem at hand.

I watched him sign the presidential decrees, always showing his signature. It are interesting times when terminology changes, when a new person comes to office. Miss Kelly-anne Conway is rather good at inventing a "massacre" that never happened: "Bowling Green Massacre". The travel ban is causing a lot grief and confusion. The president has already caused a lot of grief and confusion. He has quarreled with the Australian premier, an ally he needs. By his blustering approach, his not thinking through of issues, or getting real advice makes me shudder. His choice in people who surround him also hurts my sensibilities.

Dear congress members, members of she senate I admire the people who stand up against him because they have moral fiber and integrity and take the high road. Also, please do realize climate change is a reality, whatever deniers may say. Don't forget, we only have one earth!

I congratulate and support the Federal Judge who dared to block Trump's executive order('s).

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