Saturday, December 23, 2006


Wishes, lies and dreams is a wonderful book helping children to love and write poetry. Poetic license can be a fine and appropriate tool to foster fantasy and creativity. The use of conscious lies gives the freedom to think and imagine just any wild or far fetched idea. The next step is storytelling. Factual, true stories are often embellished because 'an interesting lie is better than a boring truth'. These raconteurs do not really fable their own lives, do not necessarily aggrandize their feats, but they polish the telling for laugh or wonderment, to grab and hold your attention.
Life, however, would be a bit more problematic with a habitual Pinocchio, lying about minute details, about things they said they would do, did and then pretended not to have done, about money, about just anything. They often think themselves smart, streetwise or apt in the art of manipulation. Of course most people do realize the other is at it again. This may make them feel ill at ease, slightly annoyed. The one who lies, looses respect and incredibility.
Obviously the worst lies are state lies, presidential lies, ministerial lies. The world was lied into the war in Iraq by Bush and Cheney. The world was lied to by Putin about Chechnya. No freedom of coverage from Chechnya is possible to date. Anna Politkovskaya tried to expose the lies and got shot for writing. Many writers are imprisoned because they hold beliefs not in line with their government. Many journalist get killed for telling the truth. There will be a worldwide action on March 20, 2007: The Second Anniversary of the Political Lie.

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