Sunday, December 31, 2006

Rite of passage

Rites of passage are an integral part of life. Usually they are celebrated at birth, at puberty, marking man- and womanhood and finding one's place and task in society, when marrying and at the end of one’s path. In communities where initiations are the rule (like Hopi or masonry) these rites are executed upon acceptance into the fold of the priesthood or brotherhood and when raised to a higher station. Often in these rites the past has to be revisited and some archeology of the soul has to be done, digging to the core of self. Having left the old behind, the new insight and knowledge opens new trails to explore.
So too on this New Years Eve, a secular rite of passage from old to new - from darkness to light one may hope - is organized world wide. With the change of calendars come the long lists of highpoints (mostly low points) of the last year on radio and TV. The world is still in bad shape. We need to clean up the mess we made, the dirty tracks we left after stepping in a puddle.
For that there is a hazy, hard transition time - four, five weeks. Having finished up the old chores, the empowering new light and horizons fill us with the plans to work on, enjoying the fact that we cleared the rubble of the past, so the road ahead is vibrant, free and unencumbered. That is my wish for every New Year’s Child. Love and light to all.

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