Sunday, September 30, 2007

Hall of Fame

A traveler left this book at my place, so I read it. The Woman Who watches Over the World by Linda Hogan is an autobiography and the description of a personal quest. Against high odds, the author prevails. She travels trough the four elements, drawing lessons or strength from them. The books starts out with a strong metaphor where she buys a beautiful clay female figurine, which breaks and cannot be repaired but is beautiful anyway. So we are all broken beyond repair but beautiful... here are lessons for all of us. Today she was induced in the Chickasaw Hall of Fame as a Pulitzer finalist. Well done!
I am just now becoming a human being, as many tribes say. And I am becoming a person old and joyous and vulnerable in new ways. Half a century is a great beginning, and still the mystery of the self is there. Like water, I rush towards a destiny, a balance, a harmony. I call it sea level.
The walls of the ship, the keel and bow, were not as overwhelming as life on land. Even the men whose looks I admired were too fine to flirt with a girl my age, and that, too, was a relief, although as I look backward now from so many years later, I know I would have offered myself to them, thinking it was love.
As a child I became like my mother, with my own inability to speak. And yet, ironically, I became a woman who uses words for a living, who has a need to create beauty, for remaking the world, a part of it, a corner, like a woven web just repaired with a new line of silk.
But I do know that for us, to open our eyes, so see with our inner fire and light, is what saves us. Even if it makes us vulnerable. Opening the eyes is the job of storytellers, witnesses, and the keepers of accounts. The stories we know and tell are reservoirs of light and fire that brighten and illuminate the darkness of human night, the unseen.

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