Saturday, September 15, 2007

The spice of life

A dear dessert poet wrote me a note going more or less as follows: Prices on property are dropping like crazy out here. I think the water situation is only going to get worse. With Luck, I will get my own humble home somewhere... I have decided that I do NOT want a boring life with a man. I need a social life...laughter, and some travels...not just endless dishes, and staring at the walls while a man paces in the background...I need poetry readings, and all that.....cook outs...pot luck veggie feasts.....I am learning more about Astral Projection....and ESP....The Casinos can only take me so far....
Then, she invites me to go crazy together at my next visit to my desert. Now that is an offer I can't refuse. Isn't that what gives the spice to life: poetry, beauty, fun and serious stuff, real thought and feelings, peace and environmental action, passion for life and all things living. The housewify stuff never has been my forte...

There is a job to do
the getting up at six
feeding the dogs
watering the plants
washing the dishes
drying them
and putting them away
scrubbing and
washing drying and
putting everything away
use knife and forks
wash them dry them
put them away again
walk the dogs
cut off some blossom
arrange it in a vase
brush your teeth
change your clothes
and go to work
come home and go to work -

When is my time to be a woman?


  1. Determinedly I keep on looking for a partner to have an animated life with, but deep in my heart I know that all my efforts will probably be in vain.
    There are, sadly enough, not too many amongst us who are as lucky as to meet their soulmates.
    I often get frightened at the thought of having to end my life without having met one.
    I’m dead sure I’m not the only one.


  2. One could free up a great deal of time by using disposable dishes, dinnerware, and clothes; artificial flowers, robotic dogs, take-out or eat-out food, automatic vacuums, foregoing make-up for the natural look, all would save time and offer more options to do other things. Such as contemplating one's navel in the search for MEANING, seeking communion with other lost souls who have not yet learned to appreciate the essence of life.
    Or one could relax, learn to welcome and accept and appreciate whatever life offers. Revel in scraping the crusted pots and pans, following your dogs with a poop scoop, artistically express yourself by finger-drawing in the multi-layered dust of your abode. Marvel at the weirdly colored effects of alternately drowning and droughting your plants, appreciate the intricate weavings of the spiders in your ceiling corners, admire the frugality of the enormous ant and roach colonies which can sustain themselves without appreciably diminishing your food stores. Photograph and exhibit the wondrously patterned and hued growths of mold in your lavatory and refrigerator.
    Life is beautiful, rejoice in it's offerings.
    Or not.

  3. The Joy of Deliberate Simplicity. I have no credit cards. I want to start an informal club for people who remember how much fun it was to be a carefree kid. We won't worry if people laugh. The joke is on them with their daggoned Rat Race mentality. When faced with a choice, most of us would rather fly a kite than deal with a sterile office building full of regimented grouch meisters. j

  4. There's a quite simple technique for finding a 'significant other' with whom to share your life. Study the history of schizophrenic personalities, and develop one. But DO NOT create a doppleganger, that would, in all likelihood, result in your either being bored to tears, or one of you committing mayhem upon the other.
    Becoming schitzoid has many advantages over stumbling around in trying what usually results in unsatisfactory liaisons. Obviously, you can create the perfect 'soulmate', provided you are careful and recognize the limitations and possible pitfalls. Then there's the enormous advantage of not having to consult, or be guided by, the whims, prejudices, and peculiarities of another being, except insofar as you may desire to be. And, of course, you can be alone whenever you like, or change completely the characteristics of your 'soulmate' (provided you have carefully learned the pitfalls of schitzophrenia, and have some control over your destiny).
    So schitz is definitely the way to go, and while it may seem like a purely mental game, thus inferior to a 'real' other-person relationship, when one considers the advantages, and combines that with developing the imagination, and judicious shopping at adult-toy emporiums, one can find a truly fulfilling, many-faceted relationship, limited only by one's imagination, and the limits (if any) of one's fantasies.