Friday, April 3, 2009

Last birthday

The big Nato festivities in Strasbourg, France have started with a demonstration against it at the eve of the real meeting. The first protesters have been arrested and the heads of state have had a nice dinner in Baden Baden. People don't want the 400 tactical nuclear weapons stationed in Europe: in Belgium, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Turkey...There is a question mark next to Greece and the UK. Of course there are also 100 tactical nuclear weapons on submarines cruising unseen in our sea's with deadly charge. Listen to the terminology 'short range nuclear forces'... Short range, Brussels to Luxembourg? Vilnius to St Petersburg? What does it mean. These weapons have turned out to be irrelevant now although they are nuclear. Think about the delivery systems: dual capable aircraft, F16, modern Tornadoes. The acquis Atlantique is at a turning point. We have to rethink war and peace in our transatlantic home and away in the rest of the world. Should Nato work on cyberdefence, on energy security, meddle in economical problems... Global Zero is an initiative for a nuclear weapons free world. Europe should take the initiative in this matter, further diplomacy by non-violent means and peace building. That would lead to visions of possible futures worth working for. And furthermore, I am of the opinion that Nato should be abolished. May this 60th birthday of Nato be the last.

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