Friday, April 17, 2009


On the tram I sat between two men with worn, torn shoes. One was clean, the other a bit smelly. The latter was talking about investments, money, making real estate pay for one's daily needs. He spoke with a very natural intonation, so I assumed he was talking to a friend with an earpiece, although Bluetooth seemed a bit incongruous. Getting off the tram I checked, nothing to be seen. His voices in his head must be very lively. He referred to a currency that has been not been in use for over ten years... Spending then over a 1000 B FR on a night on the town, about 30 $ now. I wonder what happened to him. I wonder is he happy. And the next day, while I was waiting for the train, a man clean with a magazine in his hand, came into waiting room. He swiped it under the vending machine and picked up two lost copper coins.He probably did the rounds in the station. Are these the visible signs of crises and depression?

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