Saturday, February 26, 2011


PVV photo:
© sms:foto duisburg/rhein 2011
Pre-election Breda gave two pictures that give hope: The PVV flyer thrown away in disgust by a citizen who obviously doesn't agree with the 'gedoogbeleid'.  This extreme anti -immigrant and anti-Islam party 'tolerates' the present government in Holland, a government which doesn't have a majority and needs that party on board for all legislative initiatives. It is a situation the extreme right wing factions of Dutch society just love. The other poster is guide about the points of view about the current  'gedoogbeleid' concerning soft drugs. In recognized coffee shops each person above 18 years old can buy in all safety 5 grams of weed or hash. Also in the USA the discussion about legalization of soft drugs is no longer inadmissible.