Sunday, February 20, 2011

Seven degrees of separation

Just in the last two days I rediscovered how true it is that all humans in the world are connected to each other in just seven steps.  My sister in law, working as a volunteer for the democratic Party in Nevada, met Michele Obama and actually spoke to her. That is two degrees of separation. The other person, I knew about since his tragic death in July last year in Villeneuve Grenoble in France is Karim Boudouba. He was a convicted thief, armed robber, yet loved and respected in his neighborhood which protested violently after Karim Boudouba was shot in pursuit by the police. After his death riots broke out in Villeneuve Grenoble in the modernist area of town. My daughter, a future researcher, interviewed an impressive and wise and very sociable man, who happened to be Karim's uncle. Once again just three degrees of separation to a thief and victim of police action. I can only conclude that what Native Americans hold dear is a simple truth: we are all related.