Friday, March 15, 2013

Before the book presentation of Sequenza tonight

In the days, even weeks, leading up to a book presentation I feel restless, insecure, full of joyful anticipation, a bit crushed, really prepared and at the same time unprepared... In short a whole bag of mixed emotions. It must be a bit the way chimps in research labs feel. The good news is that a group of chimps has been relocated to "Chimp Haven" seeing the sky for the first, seeing the others chimps without bars and being able to touch each other. Soon they exhibit the natural behavior patterns of chimps living in the wild... If you like poetry and music come by in den Hopsack tonight. And I promise, no monkey business just warm and interesting times.
Here the first poem of Sequenza
If you want to hear the Dutch read by Marleen de Crée you'll have to be there tonight.

I tell you, Plinius, it is September
poets turn in the tide.
fruit ripens on warm walls,
don’t forget: these are the last hours

of summer. warmth, nothing can happen still.
it are the quiet days of the year,
because more patiently all is carried
in multiples of the last gestation.

September knows what fondness means
and love draws shadows of wax.
I say: once prudence was calculated  

by the outline of a water glass.
the grapes, Plinius, the last trestles
of what a poet’s summer was.

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