Sunday, March 3, 2013

Schubert for docters without borders

Christopher Stokes, the General Director of Doctors without Borders - an international and independent medical and humanitarian organization - held a moving introduction about their work in Syria. They help people in life threatening situations in case of armed conflicts, epidemics or natural disasters. They are neutral and have no ties to political, economic or governmental authorities. 89 % of their funds comes from private donors. This was the third edition of a fund raiser organized by Les Lux. They invited Lucas Blondeel on the piano, German Judith Ermert on the cello and bas-bariton Werner Van Mechelen. Songs, a sonata, impromptus on the piano, all that was offered in the gorgeous baroque Amuz church with excellent acoustics. I must compliment the organizers Aly Talen, Inez Vanoverschelde and Frank De Vos with a job well done. German romantic music with lyrics by Mayerhofen and Goethe was soothing to the soul and might bring hope and help to many people in need.

The first hospitals Doctors without Borders build for the Syrian refugees was in a  cave, a farmhouse and near the Turkish border where by then five refugee camps had sprung up. By now 70.000 people have died, hospitals are created in cellars and every one needing medical assistance is helped. It was a beautiful evening and drinking a glass of champaign for a good cause was a novel way of advocacy to me.

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