Friday, August 30, 2013

Africa VII - South Africa

The beauty and the contrasts. Table Mountain and Robben Island. The Market and the promenade along the sea...  Cape Town and its townships. And of course I was there for work. All the participants of the ACP meeting were invited to a guided tour of Robben Island, by the former minister of the Interior under the first Mandela government. He had also during a long time been in the adjacent cell of Mandela. He spoke about how the boycott of African goods and fruit helped them. they felt sustained by our solidarity. The General Assembly was openened as Usual by the National Anthem and this is what happened.

Sikeleli Africa

 At the first notes
just two white people jumped up
one with his left fist in the air
she with her hand on
her heart
All peoples standing
the light skinned
a few notes later –
The huge hall filled with

I like to think
the white people were
not recognizing the music in their
or just older and stiffer and

I like to think
Nkosi Sikeleli Africa
is the hope that touches us
all -     

We received a lunch packet after the guided tour of Robben Island of course it included a South African  apple. Eating it on Robben Island stirred up memories of solidarity and touched my soul.      

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