Friday, April 28, 2017

Opening of the m hka exhibition by my daughter.

Maya even had a article in the  newspaper "De Morgen". You cannot imagine how I admire Maya and Bram in what they have realized. The atmosphere was warm, people looked, played with the objects meant to play with and there generally was just great interaction among people. Also friends came and I am sure it pleased Maya and Bram... I was smitten with the historic timeline, I found it beautiful, and walked it at least three times. Yet also the walls, the large materials hanging, it was all impressive and there was a energetic buzz among people, old friends meeting again, like Flor Bex for whom I did translations into English for his art magazine and he remembered that. Strangely some people I would have expected weren't there: but the close friends and the family did show up and it was nice to have Maximus there, Maya's godson. I intent to go back, maybe take a few pictures or ask Bram. I wonder what they will surprise me with next.

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