Thursday, March 29, 2007

New eyes

When friends from a different culture come for the first time to your place, you learn to see through their eyes. Officially I live in a problem area, yet after a late night walk with the dogs their comment was: nice area. Yes, I have always liked the multi-ethnicity of where I live: the night shop from India, the Turkish pitta place, the Belgian and Moroccan baker, the Moroccan supermarket and the Pakistanis, I forgot where the the hand car wash came from... If you don't know how to prepare a dish, there is always someone who'll explain the world of tajine or tapas or Chinese cuisine to you.

to no one’s special recipes
she became a traveler
heard the words that stirred the wind
ate the food that others made
felt the rainy greyness
of the old and hurting bones
She walked the ways of men
and rested in women’s lands
looking for a place
of self within self -

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