Sunday, March 25, 2007


People can change. I have witnessed over a long period of time how gradually some one I would call a ‘flake’ became honest, started on a search and still completely himself, made himself over. Not as a charade but, sincerely, truly functioning at a different level. In the process a new partner completed the new soul of a new man. He is still funny and witty, sharp, but with a newfound deepness. 25 years ago I wouldn’t have trusted him, now I welcome him as a brother on my path.
And then there was last night’s exquisite Thai food by another buddy turned accomplished amateur cook. I saw in the people at D&J's table courage in cancer conquered, courage in speaking out, wisdom tempered by good wine, or enhanced by total openness, joy and laughter, teasing, melancholy at the inevitabilities of life and support given, and a lot of beauty. The last two days nourished body, mind and soul…

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  1. Love your friend's new found personage. Hold him dear and close. I wouldn't trust a leopard who changes his spots because he just can't. He might die his fur but In the bible it says, "And the Lion shall lie down with the Lamb". The Woody Allen corollary says, "But the Lamb won't get much sleep". I love the Thai spring rolls and the grilled meats. The Thai peppers are often overused and spoil it for our tender pallets. MUD