Sunday, May 20, 2007


Paradise is an old Persian word, meaning walled garden, described as lush, with trees for shade and abundant water. The garden should comprise a reference to the four streams that define the cradle of our civilization and a fountain. An enclosed garden, orto chiuso, a place of serenity where the only word spoken is said to be ‘peace’.
I get the image yet I rebel: paradise as a gated community with a water feature? As a private golf course near Palm Springs or Phoenix where abundant water is used even if it is not available? Shouldn’t Paradise be an open place with always a person there welcoming arriving strangers with just one word: Peace.
For the time being, and still wandering, wondering I say: Willkomen, Welcome, Ben venuti, Bien venue, Welkom, blij je te zien. Come and on the road to paradise carry peace in your heart, in your hands and your head…

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  1. And for you the same: peace and happyness.
    Dutch translation: een warm hart en een kurken ziel zodat je altijd bovendrijft. ;)