Monday, May 28, 2007

The musicologist

Having a musician guest for a couple of days, reminds me of a time of always having color and life music in the house. He plays the guitar, banjo and the dulcimer, sings in a high almost falsetto voice in some old haunting songs. This time he brought the gentle melancholic sound of the dulcimer to my place, since he is putting a book together for his dulcimer classes in traditional music. The Ebony Hillbillies just played Carnegie Hall before he came over here. During their performances - you can catch them also in the New York Metro - they talk about the origin of the instruments and black American music. Today he instructs me about beat an offbeat, the banjo being African and we listen to Bach and Desert Blues, music from the Sahara en Central Africa. It is gray and raining, yet with conversation and music, the blues lover feels good. The musicologist on his lap is a big fan, the painting by his friend Tony Mafia.

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