Thursday, May 17, 2007

Window of opportunity

In 2002 In Beirut the Arab League has worked out a peace plan for the Middle East. The Peace Plan has recently been reconfirmed and accepted by ALL member states. The Secretary General for the Arab League, Amr Moussa is touring to explain what it entails. In brief and only the main points: a durable just peace entails two sovereign viable states. The 22 countries of the Arab League offer recognition of the State of Israel and secure borders as they were in 1967. The thorny issue of the Palestian refugees who 60 years ago were encouraged to leave and find shelter in a refugee camp and who officially by the world leaders then were promised they could go back home to their houses as long as they had their key, should find a just, equitable, durable solution for all involved. The mutual violence has to be halted. It is so dangerously deadly now that a new term has come up: the Somalisation of the Gaza strip: despair, hunger, chaos so big that people turn on their own. The situation is highly critical for world peace. In Israel Simon Perez and others have said in the past the 'Beirut Plan' could be a basis for negotiation. Other leaders are divided and afraid. They remember what happened to brave Rabin when he started to become a man of peace. There seems to be a window of opportunity this year. The Quartet, all involved in trying to establish peace, should seize this chance and have talks with a deadline, otherwise dead and destruction is all that will be. We all living in democracies and defending this form of government are guilty as well. We told the Palestinians to be democratic and organize elections. They do and then we don't like the result and punish them... What message is that to all countries en route to democracy and peace? Let's get all parties involved around a table. Help them talk so they find a solution for the higher good of all. Negotiations are the only way. And please, do liberate Alan Johnston. it is his birthday and there are vigils for him all over the world. He is a voice of reason in the news about Palestine and the Middle East.

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