Saturday, June 2, 2007


My friendly vet used to tango. He knew the moves, had the passion, even the sparkle that made women want to dance with him. His moves had however no elegance, heavy as they were from the Flemish clay that made my tango dancing friend look as if on clogs. I had to think of him while watching a mixed bunch of young skateboarders going through their moves in a local ‘One Love’ skateboarding competition. They knew their jumps, but most had no style, or ease, of course with a few exceptions. Some had a chip on their shoulder and attitude, one or two were cool. The kids swore in English since that is classier than the local language. I could see them practice all the little things like stepping on the edge of the board so that it flies to one's hand… that is when I noticed that some skaters had put graffiti on the bottom of their board. I saw them swerve, kick up the board, jump, fall and start over, zigzagging and after a jump trying to keep their balance. Seems to me like a great preparation for life’s troubled road.

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