Friday, June 29, 2007

Up up and away

Gone, till I have e-mail again. And some time to think of the comments to the two last posts: being for free speech, does this blog have to be the channel for racist comments? I feel soiled when leaving those comments on...


  1. Hay, whachoo tink? yo can just trough everbuddy off the web, cuse they tink difrunt then yo?

    When we be gettin sum power, we be gwine sho yo white folks wha power means, an we be gettin reperations fer all the things yo is doin to us foreer. We is not gonna take dis noe more, no more, cause we havva dream, an we gwine take bak dis cuntry wit de swet from ar buddys.

    Dis race gwine be one bye us.

    An quit censuring de brudders by cutting off der posts, or you be askin fer trubble.

  2. OK, I know now I have been had... I'll try to recognize when friends are playing with me. It make me aware of the absolute power of booting some posts and than having to learn to lighten up and recognize irony and contrarian cynicism which is the delicious brand of humor of doctor Scarpone.

  3. When Mother Earth's moon rises, lifted gently on the fingertips of the nighttime sky, the humans lie down to sleep, and to dream of the creatures of the night. The kyohtah, fur tipped silver by the moon's light, the all-white owl, another fleeting moon in the sky, the restless raven, invisible, carrying her night on her wings.
    All are night creatures, but all are not the same. Their glory is their difference

  4. it is with the humans.