Thursday, July 5, 2007

It is a dry heat

The first hurdle to posting was the lack of a telephone line, six calls and three days later I could go online again. Then however it was sooo hot 108 yesterday and 110 today and no air conditioning in my place that my laptop's ventilator couldn't cope with it. I could have written about a smooth ride not withstanding the major scares in the U.K. A Welcome Barbecue in the canyon, help to repair last winters freeze damage in the plumbing department, meeting and greeting and glad to be back in the desert... Water alert RED. Extreme conservation is needed, otherwise we loose the pump for the whole system. My only sin, a bowl of water for the stray or wild animals... My posting may be irregular, photo's can't be done with the slow line in this heat, so be patient and in a few days the temperature should be going down.


  1. What did the humans do before there were phones? They used smoke, and drums. But making smoky fires when it is 100+ will bring many engines of fire. And beating drums in high heat will cause rivulets to run down one's body and make for squishy moccasins.

    So silence is golden. It is not necessary to speak with others. It is a good time to listen, and learn. Listening to silence can teach much, so the grandparents say. Perhaps that is why humans are wise, while white-eyes f*ck-up a lot, cannot see and cannot know, even in the bright light of day.

    Isay oh Tah

  2. Cold lunch,and telepathic conversations make the heat more bearable.

    The Lizard Poet