Friday, January 18, 2008


Two faraway friends died just a few days apart. Aggie was a painter and worked in glass in lead as well. She was a good crafter. She was worn out and blind and so all is right. Bob was a sculptor and will add no more whimsical abstracts to the desert. It is sad but acceptable. A year ago I had just send out a translation about the case of Hrant Dink, Armenian writer working for freedom of speech. A young Turkish nationalist murdered him ruthlessly in front of the Agos office, the newspaper he ran and wrote for. That is not acceptable. If people take their own life, I can understand that, if there is an accident, if they are sick or just have reached the end of the line that seems in the norml line of events. And although Abel got killed by Cain, I can't see murder as a normal way of resolving conflicts. Hrant Dink should still be alive and writing, he should still be laughing with his family and friends from all over the world. He, just as my friends, is not forgotten.

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  1. Attention all Artists, especially Writers.
    While you are happily, creatively engaged in fashioning your work, transferring your neural impulses to objects of delight, or expanded knowledge, for others, keep this in the back of your mind, and act accordingly:
    It is apparent that artists (especially writers) who come to the attention of Tumbleweed, run a high risk of being unjustly incarcerated, or even assassinated. No one seems to know why this is true, and no aspersions have been cast. But a word to the wise: Go ahead, follow your impulses and desires, create your works, but if you desire to live a long and free life, hide your creations from public view, to be released only upon your (hopefully) natural death.
    If a stranger named Tumbleweed inquires about your work, claim 'mistaken identity', or a 'previous death'.