Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Redemptionblue's tag

Chameleon tagged me (see under tagged what the original is). She started a meme, about attitudes which should change. Rape, religion, abortion, the ongoing oppression of 'lower classes' are just a few of the subjects she tackles. Power and the arrogance of feeling that one can use any means to gratify one's lust for power, seem to me the basic problems. Rape: in war raping women is a war crime, a crime against humanity. It happens all the time in most conflict zones like in Rwanda, Bosnia, Congo, Liberia, ... These acts stem from the lack of respect for women's lives thus taking away our self determination. A man getting a woman drunk to 'have his way' with her, a husband beating and/or psychologically breaking his partner, a soldier high on personal power to kill, they all feel privileged to decide for the other person, if they acknowledge their individual existence at all. The same happens in religion where the higher power decides for us what is right or wrong. So my preferred action would be to resist all attempts to diminish us, to objectify us. The existing order is not god given, so be l'homme revolté, la femme revoltée in the sense of Albert Camus and decide that life is worthwhile without punishment or reward in a non existent hereafter. Don't let old patriarchal laws intimidate you, change them. So this post is for the doctors and women in Spain who are once again persecuted for having performed so called 'illegal' abortions, which would be legal in most European countries, it is also for the defense of Roe versus Wade.
And with all the aggravation, don't forget to read poetry, see a good movie, enjoy art and blogging as an art form and your friends. Hugs to all.

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  1. Geez, a new religious, Bush-like concept: 'Women are Good, Men are Evil'.
    I'll have to give that some thought, and peruse the 'Female Uber Alles' bible. Perhaps listen to some harangues by lady preachers, and try to communicate with Goddess.
    I suppose one of this new religion's mantras is 'If you're not with us, you're against us'.
    I'm gonna go out and try to get next to, 'against' some women. After I get done 'rubbing around', I'll let you know if I want to start tithing.