Sunday, April 20, 2008

ExpO58 - Futures

The festivities to commemorate the mi-centennial of the world fair in Brussels 'ExpO58' have officially started. Saturday night brought fever and joy. A well made documentary by Farfetched Productions premiered. Maya Van Leemput concept, research and direction, Bram Goots, camera, light, sound and grip and Simone Rau co-editing wizard form quite a team. For the Cultural heritage cell of Antwerp they produced this original, relevant, beautiful, insightful documentary. At the opening the respondents who had been involved with the Expo in 1958 in different capacities, - a volunteer interpreter, a butcher boy demonstrating how to cut meet, visitors, hostesses... and their contemporary shadows - were present and seemed extremely pleased with the end result. Since it is also scientific futures research, the sum comes out way above the individual statements. In fact the documentary is presented as research material for a colleague futurist who will hopefully look at this material in 2058. Images of the future is the guiding principle. 50 years ago optimism reigned, with just a few critical voices: The war was over, technology would improve life for everyone. Now, since the dreams of 50 years ago had at the same time not been fulfilled (there still isn't a base on the moon and there is still hunger and disease in the world) and had developed much faster than anticipated, people's images for the futures of 2058 are a bit grim. Most think that their grandchildren will have a harder life than they had. This was packaged in a fast, professional and warm view with lots of beautiful, nostalgic images from 1958. Remember: All our experiences are in the past and all our decisions are about the future. Well done!

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  1. Isn't it:

    All our decisions are in the past, and all our experiences are in the future?

    If a symbol of 2058 was included, did it include a photo of a dead fish in a sea of plastic at sunset? And a NYT headline, 'Light at the End of the Tunnel Seen for Iraq War'?