Thursday, April 3, 2008

Free Tibet

A demonstration at lunch break. The Tibetan refugees with flags and bandannas saying 'Stop the killings' are voices for meaningful negotiations between their democratically chosen government from Dharamsala that follows the peaceful program set out by H.H. the Dalai Lama, spiritual leader, and the Chinese government, about correct autonomy for Tibet. Secondly the want full access to Tibet for international journalists. Thirdly unhindered medical assistance of the Red Cross and Medicins sans Frontières to those wounded, without pressure to report wounded activists to the police. Now if a person arrives at the hospial, he or she is send to jail if the wounds look as if they came from a demonstration. Obviously all those that are held prisoner since the 10th of March should be released.
It is an absolute necessity to send international Fact Finding Committees to go to Tibet. Freedom of speech should be restaured so that Chinese state owned news agencies with their ethnically biased inflammatory newscasts on Tibet are not the only news people get.

In many countries Tibetan refugees cannot be regularized because not having a Chinese passport they have no official document proving who hey are... The demonstration was colorful and peaceful although I wonder how long the young Tibetans are willing to follow the non-violent path.

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