Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Seventyfive million

The earth's population grows every year with 75.000.000 people. How are we going to feed them? Where will we find the water for drinking, for hygiene and agriculture? How will we educate them and keep them healthy? Will they have access to land?
The President of the International Fund for Agricultural Development said: We have to be prepared for the worse case scenario. For the price of one and a half day of warfare in Iraq, smallholders and family farms in Africa could be helped to feed millions...


  1. OMG! And just think how great the world's population would be if we hadn't had leaders like Pol Pot, Idi Amin, and George W. Bush. Condoms are one form of population control, but in the US, because of religious concerns, they prefer to elect despots, and support policies that unilaterally, militarily, reduce the world's populations they deem 'less desirable' than themselves, who communicate directly with the American 'god', and follow 'his' will.
    God (Bless) (Damn) America, whose War Department does not even bother to count the numbers of 'collateral damage' they slaughter.
    Perhaps we need another 'War', against the American 'god'.

  2. I did my share. I never had any children for this very reason. I am not going to produce cannon fodder. The world isn't safe enough for the "get of my loins", so I never begat. And have no regrets. j