Monday, May 5, 2008

Waterworks II

The plume of steam is from a nuclear plant, near a city of one million inhabitants. This harbor is the prettiest, most looking like a harbor, mainly because the city loves its harbor and feels that thus is its identity with all that it entails in the field of openness and hospitality, even giving the right to defend indefensible opinions. This is also the harbor which has known a paradigm shift: When thinking about their plans for the future, they take into account the habitat of fauna and flora and the 'bird directive' of the European Union. The city has commissioned a thorough study of what are still valuable area's and which species live in and around the harbor. The next projects will build around them not harming the earth and the water creatures. Yet it is the fourth harbor in the world and has one of the largest concentrations of chemical industries. I love the strange cranes and the dramatic skies over the water and the banana boats with their exotic African or latin American names.

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