Monday, February 9, 2009


In this wintry landscape I met Joyce. Since she was a young woman, every ten years she has done something to confront her fears. In her seventies now, her latest feat was bungee jumping with her head down first. Since she has a fear of water she tried scuba diving and water skying. He has also been up in a hot air balloon and raced a race car along a race track. She also rafted the Colorado River with an 80 year old lady steering the raft. That was scary she exclaimed.
There is something to be said to meet our fears head on, then the rest of life must seem just a bit easier. But how does one even know what one's biggest fear is? How prepared is one ever for change and loss and even for the good things in our life? Maybe my fear is icy roads and not being able to roam and travel because of being locked up in a wandering mind.

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  1. We're all eagerly awaiting hearing from Joyce as she returns from her joyous attempt to ride killer whales bareback as they make their annual migration to the North Pole, often traveling day and night beneath the polar ice cap. Gee, come to think of it, she's been gone a long time......