Wednesday, February 11, 2009


We have had weather as they call it here. First storms that make the tin clang and bang the wood, trees groan, rain and hails pelts down. That storm turned into twisters in Oklahoma.

Then the frosty nights under clear full moon skies, followed by snow on and off during the day and then the steady silence of flakes covering all during the night.

Tracks in the snow followed later by the melting water and runoff of the mountains.

What I learned was that rain on your car will leave your car dirty, but a heavy load of snow melting and gliding down your car will leave it clean and shining...

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  1. Of course, the blessed silence is broken each morning as the flakes wake up, arouse themselves, deposit their distinctive yellow splotches in the snow banks, and stumble through the drifts to the bar across the street, to start yet another day of carousing and wassailing at the pool table.