Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The road back

On the calender it took me three days to go from bed to bed. Friday Lady D. drove me in the morning to Las Vegas, the nearest airport that brings to were I get a connection to where I need to go. Seen the works on the overpass of the Hover dam there are delays in the afternoon. I was to spend the night at a nephew's place since no casinos take dogs, not even my well seasoned traveler. His cell phone was down; he could reach my European number... In short I got stuck and only knew of one motel that would take me and my dog, just accros of a fine casino. When Lady D. saw the place and the strange fauna that roamed around the premisses she gave me a funny look when I decided to take the room. Spartan is the kindes word for the interior, for general ambiance lets say it was unhomely, kind of uncanny, shodilly build, dreary and desolate...(Coetzee in 'Inner Workings'). A few door down, regularly people passed and something was exchanged. My door had been kicked in and perfuncturory repaired. The sliding window didn't quite shut completely. High heals walked by at several hours of the night... At four am I had checked out and was on route to the airport. No problems. Atlata four hours waiting and Code Orange, extremely strict and harsh on companion dogs and their owners, so I go out to let the Griffon walk a bit and ofcourse then I had to go again through enhanced security. When boarded and readdy to go, we are told they found a gasleak, to take our stuff, leave the plain and wait. After three different gates, we finally get back to the seccond one and get a new plane... Airport from choppiness and storms over Canada and new Foundland, we landed safely only three hours late. My sleep quantum beginning the night before leaving my secret hide out was two hours and about 40 minutes... Monday I went to work, and still didnt sleep.

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  1. Sounds like you inadvertently checked into a canine bordello in Las Vegas. Though illegal, they are quite common. The tip-off is that they usually have a naked poodle depicted on their neon sign. Better take your pooch to a vet and have her checked for STD's. Who knows what might have happened while you were cat-napping?
    Have you considered kayaking or hot-air ballooning on your next trip to the colonies? Not only would it be less irritating and scary, but you would avoid those endless security delays at the airport.