Friday, May 15, 2009


I have been granted different tastes of friendship. Rockcastle I have know for 50 years, she is my memory of high school and university. For herself she tends to remember the 'bad stuff', so I remind her her of the fun things... Spookie I have known for over 20 years and although very different, we sometimes react the same way to situations. If the situation isn't good and we react similarly, it is reassuring because then obviously it couldn't be my fault or my oversensitivity. We share puppies from the same litter with D., my style guroe. Dr Scarpone keeps showing we the clear path of accepting what is and learning. The learning part is enjoyable, yet I do try to change what isn't right: in society and in life. There are other people, Cece a fellow traveller, Desert Di the no nonsence but fun practicality, streetmusicians, my wordcrafting friends and peace companions, comrades in the strugle for justice and beauty...
People floating in and out of my life, leaving thoughts, a tune, a word. And there are people who could have been friends but stayed at the brink, I staying at the edge, irreconcilable differences draining my energy... I learn from them just like I learn from Norris who with the group 'The Ebony Hillbilly's' just got on the Martha Steward Show: recognition after having turned seventy... Yet he still sleeps on my floor when he needs a place. Strange how from cramping one's style to expanding one's horizon all the flavors are to be found. The lesson is to be kind, generous and helpful, avoiding being used. Sometimes I fall of the tightrope.


  1. ???!!!,...,..., etc., ad infinitum. We are all brothers and sisters, yet we are all alone........together.

  2. sometimes the learning part isn't so enjoyable, but I'm not convinced that makes it bad.

    or irreconciliable.

    but it is true that different life experiences establish different horizons, and the labor of translation is sometimes too much for wounded hearts to bear.